There are many people named Mike Middleton

A Google web search for Mike Middleton returns 10 million results.

I’m the Mike Middleton who spent childhood in Iowa, earned degrees at Iowa State and Iowa, served three years as a Navy officer during the Cold War, earned two degrees at Stanford, taught mostly in the biz school at U of San Francisco, wrote four editions of the book Data Analysis Using Excel, and retired from full-time faculty in 2008 after thirty years there. Since then I’ve been running a one-person software business designing, coding, marketing, and supporting analytic add-ins for Excel.


What does this Mike Middleton look like?



Some projects I’m continually working on

  • TreePlan decision tree add-in for Excel
  • SensIt add-in for sensitivity analysis and tornado charts
  • SimVoi add-in for Monte Carlo simulation and value of information
  • Better Histogram add-in for frequency distribution and histogram


Some topics I’m currently learning about

  • Number theory and applications to cryptography
  • Einstein’s theories of relativity
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Decision Quality


What are the purposes of this web site?

  1. The first purpose is to make available some Excel-related articles and workbooks. See the Excel page.
  2. The second purpose is to help me keep track of many of the things I’ve been doing during the past seventy-plus years. See the Academic, Conferences, Travel, Homes, and Interests pages.


Some domain names for this web site

  • mikemiddleton.com, Dedicated IP
  • mike-middleton.com, Parked
  • middletonmike.com, Parked
  • michaelrmiddleton.com, Parked
  • michael-r-middleton.com, Parked
  • michaelrorymiddleton.com, Parked
  • michael-rory-middleton.com, Parked