There seem to be many people named Mike Middleton

A Google web search for Mike Middleton may return ten million results.


I’m the Mike Middleton who spent childhood in Iowa, earned degrees at Iowa State and Iowa, served three years as a Navy officer during the Cold War, married Nancy Padgett, earned two degrees at Stanford, taught for thirty years in the biz school at U of San Francisco, wrote four editions of the book Data Analysis Using Excel, and retired from full-time faculty in 2008. Since then I’ve been running a one-person software business designing, coding, marketing, and supporting decision analysis add-ins for Excel.


What does this Mike Middleton look like?



Some projects I’m continually working on

  • TreePlan decision tree add-in for Excel

  • Sensit add-in for sensitivity analysis and tornado charts

  • SimVoi add-in for Monte Carlo simulation and value of information

  • Better Histogram add-in for frequency distribution and histogram



Some topics I’m currently learning about

  • Number theory and applications to cryptography

  • Einstein’s theories of relativity

  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Decision Quality


What is the purpose of this web site?


Some domain names for this web site

  • mikemiddleton.com, Primary
  • middletonmike.com
  • michaelrmiddleton.com
  • michaelrorymiddleton.com